Miss Kawartha at Braeside Estate

Welcome to Braeside Estate!

Established in 2018, Braeside Estate is the ideal place for creative relaxation and well-being. In this peaceful and tranquil place the silence and nature enhance all senses and time slows down. You will rediscover your spontaneous happy self and experience delightful moments of total calm and freedom.

Located on a rural County Road of Fenelon Falls, in the inspiring region of the Kawartha Lakes Ontario, Braeside Estate  (BE) is a new creative centre that offers regenerating experiences to people in search for self-improvement at a creative and wellness level. It is also a relaxing destination for those who are simply looking for a serene and healthy escape.

Our artistic purpose emanates from creativity, gardens and wellness. We are about simplicity, authenticity and natural beauty in our work, landscape and character. We love to stimulate the opportunity of ‘’self-transformation for self-empowerment’’  in order to embrace your best life in this new crazy world that we all have been experiencing at divers level since the 2020 pandemic.

The owners Julie and Bruno enjoy giving guests an authentic ‘’BE experience’’ which is a feel for the local flavours and culture while featuring luxurious spa services, delicious signature food and unique creative workshops dedicated to inspire and open mind for greater self-expression. Braeside Estate is dedicated to offer a lasting impression with personalized services.  It is a immersion in a new well-being journey where happiness gets  triggered with a deeper commitment to restore your true sense of self.

Every day is lead by a modern mantra: Creativity, Gardens and Wellness. These BE pillars are interconnected and overlapped to deliver a splendid unique experience:

Artist Studio at Braeside Estate Creativity: We lead with creativity through workshops related to art, gardens and new rituals of well-being. Even the BE culinary approach is born from the passion for flavours, textures and harmonious tastes. BE food is seasonal and comes from the best local farmers, artisan growers and from our own gardens where we grow herbs, edible flowers, berries and greens.


Gardens: The BE gardens are about creating a sense of place through thoughtful composition. Our naturalistic and minimalist approach does not  impose on nature. We observe, study and understand the potential of the land and help it to be even more beautiful and sustainable.

Bamboo MassageWellness: At the core of our commitment to provide a creative path of change, growth, and self-discovery. We honor  the natural beauty around us and in those who visit us. New self-care experiences, including our premium PAYOT facials and massages, bring inspiration to guests who are willing to let go negative blockages of energy that impair their self-development. A deeper relaxation and understanding of the self occurs and new meaningful relationships are formed.

Whether your version of ‘’wellness’’ is a glass of champagne in good company or a breathing meditation on your yoga mat in the heart of nature, Braeside Estate is delighted to open the possibilities for you to grow, change, improve, even just a little, to leave as more than when you arrived.