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The importance of Sculptures In The Landscape

November 4, 2020
Miss Kawartha - Midninght In Paris Garden Fenelon Falls

Adding art such as garden sculptures to your outdoor space is adding meaning and inspiration to your own landscape. Sculptures can do what plants alone cannot: it triggers positive moods and brings back wonderful memories. Sculptures enhance the human Miss Kawartha - Midninght In Paris Garden Fenelon Fallsheart by bringing a feeling of peace and inner joy.

Sculpture choices are quite personal. The right sculpture should resonate with your true character and energy while making the garden truly unique and original. Incorporating original sculptures into your garden can be more affordable than you think.

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Braeside Estate Creativity Gardens

Discovering Christopher Bradley-Hole

October 31, 2020
Saisbury Labolatory Design Of Christopher Bradley-Hole

Mr. Bradley-Hole is one of our favorite Landscape Designer. His work is of great inspiration to us. We never had a chance to meet him yet, but we enjoyed researching his work and discovering his philosophy.  Many reporters and writers often describe the artistic work of Bradley-Hole with recurring adjectives such as “minimal, harmonious spaces, geometric, and pure proportions”. The consistency and integrity of his design style has become a sort of mantra throughout the international press.

Christopher-Bradley-Hole the winner of the “Gold Medal & Best Garden award” at the 2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the Telegraph Garden.

During an interview he said: “I’ve always had the philosophy that there should be room for people in design. I think design must have a socialist philosophy; it must be concerned with people, like people interacting and enjoying themselves, whether it’s two people or two thousand. It must be about improving people’s lives, trying to do something which is going to make the world a bit better.” He acknowledges this way of thinking involves more time and effort, but insists he would prefer breaking new grounds than just repeating tired formulas that makes ” the world a depressing place because you’re just reducing everything to a sort of banal level.” We personally find this statement refreshing and totally agree with it.

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