Artist Studio at Braeside Estate

Braeside Estate (BE) is all about creativity with an artistic flair. From our perspective to be creative is to use your skill and talent to stimulate your imagination and do something artistic with it.  Every one can be creative but sometimes the self-confidence to know that your mind has the ability to conceive new ideas actually do requires encouragement and guidance. Creativity is a process and can be described as a method to express yourself through different mediums such as painting, sculpting, writing, dancing and many other forms.Miss Victoria Sculpture by Bruno Cantieni

Braeside Estate is a creative space in the heart of nature. It is a fabulous environment that promotes originality, new ways of thinking and encourage the development of new interesting ideas from new perspectives. There is something very nurturing about taking the time to express yourself through visual arts, music or writing in a unique way that is individually YOU in all its beauty. This is why we love to celebrate ART at Braeside Estate. BE Creative!

In the Spring 2021, we will be announcing a few creativity workshops and we hope you will join us.

” Every child is an artist, the problem is to stay artist when you grow up!” Pablo Picasso

"Random Thoughts" Painting by Bruno CantieniOne of the artist residents at BE is Bruno Cantieni. Bruno expresses his broad artistic talents through sculptures, paintings and conceptual designs. His work ranges across garden and indoor sculptures as well as contemporary abstract paintings. He is inspired from observations of nature, movements of life versus depth of emotions. Forms, colours and scenes are abstracted to reveal forces, duality and relationships while stimulating emotional and sensory interaction with its viewers.

In his sculpture practice, Bruno works in a variety of mediums including free-form ferro cement, welded steel, cast bronze, EPS and epoxy sculptures. His paintings are all acrylics on canvas stretched over gallery style frames. Bruno also enjoys doing special commission work because behind each project new and interesting friendships and deep insights of enlightenment arise. Make sure to check out Bruno’s Portfolios of Sculptures and Paintings and please, get in touch. Also visit Bruno’s On-Line Store.

”Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”  Albert Einstein



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