The Award Winning Midnight in Paris Garden

In July 2017 on a beautiful sunny day in the country, we felt in love with Braeside which was at the time a charming old Irish farm with a house and a see-through barn built in 1862 by the Junkin family settlers. Two months later we moved in and despite all the stress that a big move can bring, we knew that we were finally coming home! So we enjoyed a Dom Perignon in the rustic garden!Garden Celebration 2017

Award winning garden and landscape design.

Then a year later was when the Gardens at Braeside Estate started. We  rebuilt on the property our stunning Canada Blooms show garden inspired by the fun movie “Midnight in Paris”. The goal of this project was to evoke a life of romantic imagination coupled with an appreciation for landscape artistry such as in Monet’s Giverny and Rodin Museum’s Gardens.

Garden of the year -Midnight in Paris Garden at Canada Blooms This special garden project was 1200 square feet built in five days and cost about $300,000.  Modern Landscape Designers, founded by Julie and Bruno,  won The Tony Di Giovanni Award Judges Choice Garden of the Year 2018 and The S.G. Ulbright Award Outstanding Medium Size Garden 2018 at Canada Blooms in Toronto. The Midnight in Paris Show Garden was a refreshing modern garden with a French accent!

Julie Moore-Cantieni, B.A., lead designer and Partner at Modern Landscape Designers, is a specialist of luxury of space. Her show garden was designed to emanate an artistic flair through creative planting, sculpture and innovative greenhouse styling. Walking through the garden brought a romantic dreamy feeling to your heart. The BC Greenhouse was accessorized with farmhouse chic and French country influences hankering days gone by.  Also oMiss Kawartha By Artist Bruno Cantienine of the most popular star of the garden was Miss Kawartha, a sculpture from artist Bruno Cantieni.  

In the Spring of 2018, we rebuilt this garden on our property and it became the heart of Braeside Estate.  To complete this beautiful story, in August 2018 Julie and Bruno got married in their Midnight In Paris Garden at Braeside Estate!

And it is on the same day of their wedding that a commemorative plaque was reveled and Braeside Estate got officially established with the delightful presence of family and friends. There is no doubt that for us the meaningful circle of life always start and end with a beautiful garden!

Braeside Estate Inoguration Plaque



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