Braeside Estate Wellness Room

There are few experiences in life that are as nurturing and life-changing as a simple appointment at Braeside Estate (BE) Wellness and luxury spa..

The spa treatments here go far beyond what you’ve ever experienced in terms of massages, anti-aging facials and other luxurious body treatments. All BE treatments have been created and are delivered within the incredible universe of the premium skin care line PAYOT from Paris.  This is one mind, body and spirit experience that you will remember forever.

Located in Fenelon Falls, Braeside Estate Wellness and luxury spa has a peaceful and private spa room which offers a complete oasis from the stresses of life. Upon your arrival at this 5 acres property, the charming landscape will inspire you to immediately start to let go layers of stress, knowing what joy lies ahead. A complete feeling of relaxation washes over you as everything here is naturally beautiful.

With 20 years of experience Julie’s warmth and care is simply delightful. Her special healing talents and all the extra touches will make your visit unforgettable. All appointments are 90 minutes and the luxurious treatments offered are:


Anti-Aging Facials

Felicia uses PAYOTLe Suprême Facial: This premium facial is for women 50 years old or older and is ideal for all skin types – Mature Skin. It is a true youth enhancing experience using the Suprême Jeunsesse global anti-ageing line. The noticeable youth transformation that you will experience comes from the culmination of several years’ research by the PAYOT Laboratoires and the natural beauty approach encompasses the best of essential skincare products that combine and concentrate all of the anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle actions to effectively fight the signs of ageing: wrinkles, slackening, dark spots, a lack of radiance and dehydration. The benefits are: The skin is transformed, wrinkles are soften, the face volume and tone are restored, dark spots fade, you skin is comfortable and glows with divine radiance.

Andrea uses Payot Paris

Lift Absolute Facial: This luxurious firming facial is for women 30 years old or older and is ideal for all skin types. PAYOT dedicates its new firming range, Roselift Collagène to women who take a positive and caring approach to the first visible signs of ageing. Roselift Collagène is a “slow age” firming range that supports women by slowing the effects of skin slackening for a better experience of ageing. A perfect balance of scientific expertise and herbalist heritage, the range is an ideal blend of a collagen booster and a patented active ingredient derived from Damask rose, in skincare with ultra-sensorial textures that make each product a unique experience. After this facial your skin will be toned and full of vitality. You’ll love the delightful fragrance with rosy, fruity and woody floral notes.

Payot  Signature Massages

Escapade au Cachemir: Inspired by the Ayurveda approach, let’s travel into the PAYOT Universe together! A head to toe body treatment designed for both men and women, which takes into consideration each individuals’ specific needs. By focusing on the areas where stress accumulates, this massage improves energy flow. A sense of serenity grows within you, until body and spirit are in harmony once more.

PAYOT Massage Evasion Polynesienne at Braeside Estate WellnessÉvasion Polynésienne: Inspired by the joy of Lomi Lomi, we use the palms, forearms, fingers, knuckles, elbows even warm sticks of bamboo to perform this restorative massage. With pleasant music and a choreographed flow of massage movements this PAYOT Signature Massage neutralizes the effects of stress and fatigue, bringing back you authentic joyful self.

Aventure Balinaise: From the fascinating world of Pressure Points Inspiration, this lovely massage relieves stress and tension through deep massage of the feet, hands and scalp. The delightful PAYOT ”Huile Envoûtante” brings a delicate scent of white flowers and honey onto the skin while naturally leading the body’s energy back into balance.

Zen Massages

Zen Shiatsu: Zen Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork based on the balance of the Yin and Yang through the treatment of the Zen Shiatsu Treatmentmeridian system. Meridians are lines of living magnetic energy in the body. When we have energy blockages or imbalances, we experience pain or discomfort. The therapist applies vertical pressure with thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, feet and knees on the twelve lines of energy. The focus is about activating the free flow of Ki (prana) throughout the body to stimulate its natural healing powers. Like Yoga, Zen Shiatsu embraces the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of the self. In a few words: Zen Shiatsu helps your body heal itself.

Bamboo-Fusion Massage: This unique treatment uses heated bamboo sticks of varying sizes gliding deeply across the body to relax Bamboo-Fusion Massage at Braeside Estate Wellnesssoreness and promote mental and physical well-being. The Bamboo Massage is nothing short of transcendent and is the perfect remedy to your holiday stress, reducing physical, mental and emotional tension. This amazing Zen massage encourages your body and mind to become ONE again and feel “Zenly re-energized”. The original Bamboo Fusion massage is one of the hottest luxurious massage in the spa industry.

 Braeside Estate WellnessJapanese Foot Massage: The body as a whole system can be improved through foot massage. By stimulating the human bio-energy, this treatment improves circulation, balances internal organs and meridians to enhance your overall health. You are massaged from the toes to the knees. Regular treatments can help prevent ailments and slow down the aging process.

Each spa visit is tailored to your unique needs. It is all about you. Various techniques are performed such as guided relaxation or crystal balancing. Your BE Spa Experience will be all about the excellence of healing technique combinations.  You will travel within the PAYOT Universe and feel better. You will reconnect with your new extraordinary self and feel better equipped to deal with this new changing world we are all experiencing …

Healing Time at Braeside Estate WellnessThe BE Wellness Approach is about nurturing, tenderness, kindness and a pure heart. The Braeside Estate experience is meant to be transformative and aim to make you discover how well you can really feel. If you have a hard time relaxing and letting go, Braeside Estate Wellness is probable the next new thing you want to experience.

As an introductory offer enjoy 50% off!
ll treatments are 90 minutes for only $75  (offer ends February 2021)

Hours: We are opened by appointment only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Click here to request an appointment at Braeside Estate Wellness and luxury spa. 

(Please note that we do not employ RMTs)

COVID 19 Procedure:   Braeside Estate has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of the Corona virus/COVID-19. In addition we are accepting only 2 clients per day. One at 11 am and one at 2pm so we have time to clean and disinfect thoroughly the spa room between clients. We request that you take your temperature before your appointment and that you use the hand sanitizer provided outside prior to entering the spa room.

Also you will be request to attest the following:

– I am not experiencing any symptom of illness such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever(checked just prior to my appointment), chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell.

– I have not traveled internationally within the last 14 days.

– I have not traveled to a highly impacted area within Canada or USA in the last 14 days.

– I do not believe I have been exposed to someone with a suspected and/or confirmed case of the Corona virus/COVID-19.

– I have not been diagnosed with Corona virus/Covid-19 by public health authorities.

– I am following all recommended guidelines as much as possible and limiting my exposure to the Corona virus/COVID-19.

Thank you for respecting these rules and let’s all be safe.

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